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Views: How AVEVA Bocad technology transforms efficiency in structural steelwork

July 11, 2014

#2 – Procurement

The challenge

Steel is expensive. Every tonne you waste takes around $1,000 off your bottom line; more if you have to re-procure at premium prices to replace scrap or make up shortages. And steel mills must schedule production well in advance, so inefficient procurement can result in missed production windows, with serious consequences for the project schedule.

The design technology used can have a big impact on this major portion of project costs. Poor handling of Bill of Materials (BOM) data can lead to poor estimation of quantities, usually overcome at great expense by over-ordering. Inability to share accurate BOM information directly with the procurement system makes it hard to place realistic forward orders and to work with the mill to refine the quantities and the call-off schedule. Any inability to share information with project scheduling can mean that call-offs are made too late or out of sequence. Inefficiencies in the manufacturing processes can waste time and materials. The results are excess project costs and unnecessary delays. 

The solution

Clearly, there is much to be gained from a structural steel design solution that not only handles materials information efficiently, but can also provide it accurately and on time to the project’s design, procurement and project management solutions.

The AVEVA Bocad™ suite of structural steelwork applications meets these needs. As a stand-alone solution it offers class-leading efficiency in materials estimation and usage. It also integrates effectively with AVEVA’s plant and marine design solutions to support Integrated Project Execution, contributing information to a common project model from where it can be used confidently by other project disciplines.

Stand-alone or integrated benefits

Accurate, complete and timely information is essential for efficient business processes. AVEVA Bocad provides this for structural steel by generating information directly from the 3D design model. BOM information can be readily supplied to the procurement system, while shop-ready manufacturing deliverables eliminate the errors and delays commonly encountered where drawings must be manually completed before issuing.

Where AVEVA Bocad is used in an integrated AVEVA deployment, structural steel data joins all the other engineering and design information in a common, managed dataset that supports accurate procurement, planning and scheduling. Working from out-of-date or incomplete design information can be a thing of the past.

Efficient manufacturing

Delivering the right quantities of the right materials to the right place at the right time is key to efficient construction scheduling. But maximum value must be gained from every tonne of steel purchased. Here, AVEVA Bocad adds even more value, with powerful parts nesting technology that can save around 5% of materials costs compared with alternative systems. So, not only can you order and schedule raw steel more accurately, you will waste less of it in manufacture. 

AVEVA Bocad’s sophisticated plate and bar nesting functions not only minimise cutting
time and material wastage but, combined with MTO/BOM reporting, enable more accurate
steel estimation and early procurement

See why AVEVA Bocad is the answer

Whether you are a specialist steel fabricator or a large engineering contractor, generating accurate, complete and up-to-date design information with AVEVA Bocad can make a major improvement in project quality, efficiency and profitability. Why not come and see AVEVA Bocad in action at an event near you, or contact your local AVEVA office to arrange a demonstration? 


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