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Views: How AVEVA Bocad technology transforms efficiency in structural steelwork

August 08, 2014

#3 – Construction

 The challenge

Two-thirds of all engineering projects are delivered late. Bad for the client and bad for the contractor, who may be faced with penalty clauses and may lose opportunities to start new projects. And where around 40% of a project’s costs are labour, eliminating construction rework can deliver huge savings.

Clashes, designed-in collisions between parts that only come to light during construction, are a major cause of on-site rework. Trying to eliminate clashes using 2D design tools is almost impossible on all but the simplest projects. 3D design software offers the necessary capability, but attempting to design complex or sophisticated steel structures using 3D CAD tools not specialised for steelwork design makes it is easy to see why so few projects come in on time.

The need for a dedicated solution

General-purpose CAD software rarely provides the necessary functions for structural steelwork; where it does, these are usually very limited in scope. A dedicated solution is required that enables the efficient design, detailing and manufacture of all types of steel structures and which makes it easy to design out the problems that create construction rework.

Of the few dedicated solutions that exist, AVEVA Bocad™ is by far the most capable as a stand-alone solution, and is uniquely powerful when used as part of an AVEVA engineering and design deployment.

Eliminating costly problems

The benefits can be considerable, especially on a complex engineering project such as a process plant or an offshore oil & gas platform. Efficient construction relies not just on high-quality, clash-free design but on this also being translated accurately into manufactured parts. AVEVA Bocad provides extensive features not only for designing complex and sophisticated structures, but also for automatically creating shop-ready drawings and CNC data to ensure accurate manufacture. Welds are treated as unique tagged objects, enabling them to be fully defined as individual intelligent entities, not simply called out by manual annotations on a drawing.

Clash detection between structural elements within the AVEVA Bocad design environment moves into a new dimension when integrated with an AVEVA plant or marine design deployment. 3D model data can be transferred readily between AVEVA Bocad and either AVEVA PDMS™, AVEVA Everything 3D™ (AVEVA E3D™) or AVEVA Outfitting™. This enables an initial steelwork layout to be exported from, say, AVEVA E3D, for further development and detailing in AVEVA Bocad. As both steel detailing and plant layout proceed, the steelwork can be periodically reimported for comparison and clash checking. Unique Compare & Update functions enable changes to be accepted or rejected for resolution. All clashes are highlighted and exposed to clash management functions. The result is that even the most complex, densely packed design can be 100% clash free when released for fabrication.

Design out problems

Designing out problems occurs at two levels: during the design task itself and during formal design reviews. Most clashes are eliminated by collaboration between designers as they work. But many can be easy to overlook or are ‘soft’ clashes between exclusion volumes around objects. These can be effectively managed using clash management functions that are now able to see clashes between plant objects and the fully detailed steel structure.



 AVEVA’s integrated solution will substantially increase multi-discipline visibility and therefore reduce risk and costly reworks in construction by providing the highest level of integration via AVEVA E3D/PDMS/Outfitting and AVEVA Bocad to allow engineers and detailers/fabricators to work in a dynamic environment for regular clash detection and management of change


See AVEVA Bocad for yourself

Automatic and thorough clash detection is perhaps the most important single tool for eliminating construction rework. If you are looking for practical ways to speed up your projects, eliminate commercial risks and increase your profitability, you need to be adopting AVEVA Bocad now.  

Why not come and see it at an event near you, or contact your local AVEVA office to arrange a demonstration?

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