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Views: How AVEVA Bocad technology transforms efficiency in structural steelwork

September 09, 2014

#4 – Commissioning

As the costs and earning power of engineering assets have inexorably increased, so the old buyer/seller relationship between Owner Operator and contractor is giving way to a more collaborative one. Design for Operation and earlier commissioning deliver high returns on the effort involved.

Frustratingly, however, technical barriers to what should be a seamless relationship often still exist. Where contractors use a variety of different applications for different purposes, these are very often incompatible. The client wants a complete, consistent, accurate and usable dataset that describes the as-delivered asset, not an assortment of model data, drawings and documents that is none of the above.

One problem area is the incompatibility between the systems used for plant layout and those used for structural steel design. Steelwork must progress ahead of the rest of the design, so it is common to export its basic design early for detailing and completion in a dedicated solution. The two aspects of the design therefore diverge, with obvious consequences. Design errors and clashes are created that may not be found until construction; in the resulting crisis the design does not get updated, so the client receives out-of-date design data that does not accurately reflect the as-delivered asset. This can delay commissioning; costly enough, but there is also a long-term impact on life cycle costs.

Building the Digital Asset

This situation is increasingly unacceptable, so AVEVA’s strategy is to enable the creation, handover and through-life use of a complete and trustworthy Digital Asset, the information counterpart of the physical asset. This requires that all types of asset information can be integrated into a common, managed and accessible dataset, supporting fully digital workflows from initial design through commissioning and operations. 

AVEVA Bocad™ is an important element in this strategy. Deployed as part of an Integrated Engineering & Design solution, it enables structural steel design data to be integrated with data from the other project disciplines.

Efficient Engineering & Design for… zero clashes… accurate procurement… on-time commissioning… and earlier ROI

The benefits

Benefits begin to accrue from the outset as structural steel design is no longer irrevocably separated from plant or outfitting design. This enables the as-delivered asset information to more accurately represent the as-delivered physical asset, an important condition for achieving timely regulatory approval. This is further supported by AVEVA Bocad’s unique approach to treating welds as tagged objects, which enables full quality assurance of every individual weld for easier compliance with design and safety regulations.

While it was once common for tag completeness to lag significantly behind asset start-up, more stringent regulations require a high level of proof that an asset is fit to be granted an operating licence. Structural integrity must be demonstrated and then maintained throughout the asset’s life. By including AVEVA Bocad in an AVEVA deployment this becomes easier to achieve. The asset operator benefits from earlier commissioning at lower cost. The contractor benefits by being able to deliver increased value in the handover dataset, increasing competitive advantage and opportunities for repeat business.

Efficient revamps

An additional benefit arises from the increased use of 3D laser scanning to create accurate as-operating surveys of older assets, a valuable enabler of efficient revamps. It is now possible to combine laser data with new design in an AVEVA 3D design environment, modelling as-built elements such as pipes and steel beams accurately aligned with their surveys. Steelwork can be quickly remodelled in this way and transferred to AVEVA Bocad for further work for the efficient design of major modifications. AVEVA Bocad can therefore add value, not just in the design of new builds, but throughout the entire asset life cycle.

Learn more

The handover of more complete and trustworthy information that accurately represents the physical asset enables earlier commissioning and benefits everybody. Including AVEVA Bocad in your AVEVA engineering and design deployment helps you achieve this, so whether you are an engineering contractor or an asset operator you should see AVEVA Bocad in action for yourself.  Why not come and see it at an event near you, or contact your local AVEVA office to arrange a demonstration?


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